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Exploring A Road Charge for California

An efficient transportation system is critical to California’s economy and our quality of life. We need a long-term replacement for the outdated gas tax, as it cannot meet our transportation funding needs in the future. A year after being directed per Senate Bill (SB) 1077 to study a “road charge,” we are now taking the next steps with a pilot program that explores how a road charge can work in California.

 Why is California Studying a Road Charge?

  • We are considering a road charge as a potential replacement for the gas tax.  The revenues currently available for highway and local roads are insufficient for preserving and maintaining road infrastructure, reducing congestion and improving the driving experience.
  • As vehicle fuel efficiency increases, fewer gallons of gas are being purchased, creating a loss in revenue needed to maintain our highway system if the state were to continue with the gas tax.
  • Despite the decline in gas tax revenue, more cars are using California’s roads and the wear and tear on roadways is increasing.
  • California drivers are suffering the consequences of this extra wear and tear on their vehicles. According to TRIP, a national transportation research group, poor road conditions cost the average California driver $762 per year in operating and repair costs.

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Broken Roads